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The good recipes of Mr cesar Orsini


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Primary wood treatment

Red lead + linseed oil + turps.
1st Coat: 50% linseed oil and 50% turps.
Subsequent coats: Reduce the turps by about 20%
Siccative red lead is an oxide therefore already a siccative in itself.
Add about a table-spoon of siccative per kilo paint to obtain a swifter drying time (about too hours).

Painting with a white undercoat

(You can colour them with pigments). For undercoat paints, there is zinc white. In France, the commercial name of the best is called Cachet d'Or (=Golden Pill).
Same procedure as for red lead. Delay with 50% linseed oil and 50% turps, then reduce the turps and still put a tablespoon of siccative per Kg of paint.

Painting with a satin finish

Linseed oil paints are matt. If you want a lacquered finish, you must add about 20% of natural clear varnish.

Mastic (putty)

Linseed oil putty (called glazier's putty) can be bought ready to use. It is made up of Spanish white. For marine use, you must add zinc white or red lead.
To mix these paints, use a big drill fitted with a whisk, an accessory that you can find at a hardware store.


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