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Under Construction

A WANDA for a carefully defined role

The advantage of traditional construction is that each boat can be personalised to demand according to your voyage plans and as long as you do not make too great demands, this for the standard boat price.

The client came to see us for a WANDA. Speaking with him, we determined what were his real needs as regards his future voyage plans. On that. base, we redesigned a boat with the WANDA hull form but with its deck, its fittings and its sailplan modified, to demand.

As the client wished to personalise his boat but did not want to miss an important time, we will deliver the boat rigged, engined, with piping and electricity installed as well as accomodational fittings carried out.

This boat is at present under construction and will be delivered at the beginning of 1997.

chantier 1 chantier 2 chantier 3

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