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Uma 40'

Uma (jpeg 29K)


The inspiration comes from the boats that were used during the past centuries for fishing and for cargo from northern coast of Europe to the coast of south Brittany. They had to be powerful and fast to withstand any kind of weather. The shallow draft was a must to negociate rivers and other rias. The boats had to be very easy to handle by a small crew. Ship owners had to cut down the increasing costs of labour. It is surprising to see that those criterias correspond to an ideal cruising boat.



The wooden construction is classical with superior specification and under the control of an official navigation register. The choice of the best wood available will assure long life and a minimum care.



The schooner gives us a divided sail plan easy to handle by one person and very efficient in all kind of weather, and lets not forget that luggers like beating windward.



To offer some privacy to the guests as well as to the master and his family, the front cabin has two bunks. Haft of the boat, there is accommodation for two more persons. The galley, shower and head, chart table and common table are located in the center of the boat. The boat is equipped with a heating system "reflex oil heater with boiler" located next to the sink. A copper piping circling through the interior of the boat's accomodation provides heating.



The choice is for Mercedes engines (well known for durability, availability all around the world, and dependable spare parts service). Alternative engines are always possible.



UMA is an average size boat, confortable and yet very easy to maintain by one person. Two or three week-ends per year should be enough to keep the UMA beautiful.




Uma TD
Uma TD (jpeg 39K)

Architect : Cesar Orsini

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