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Tina 30'

Tina (jpeg 23K)


In the history of shipping, some of the traditional crafts capable of good performance both at sea and up rivers are the ENGLISH THAMES barge and the French ALLEGE D'ARLES.

TINA 30' is very close in hull shape to the ALLEGE and could receive a lateen rig. But TW Ltd suggested a sprit sail rig more compact and easily handed, of course, a more simple sail plan than the THAMES barge rig. 9 tons would require the cunning sail plan of a THAMES barge, carrying several hundred tons of cargo ! The mast in the tabernacle lowers with a gig, a bipod spar that will rotate upwars. The lever effect makes it easy to operate. A similar device is to be found on Dutch barges. The architect was favourable to this sail plan because it requires a relatively short mast. The new generation of yachtsmen have started sailing on the OPTIMIST and know the efficiency of a sprit sail. Pleasure will be found with a powerful simple sail to handle. It will gybe easily.



As for the other boats of the WANDA range, no compromise on quality. TINA 30' must be of extremely solid construction. A serious study is done to see if an exterior fiberglass or epoxy shell may be married to a basically wooden boat. Perhaps the costing will be favourable to these solutions. As such boats must be easy to beach and may stay for long periods out of the water, such a composite construction may be a very wise decision.



Sprit sail rig



Such a boat has sufficient interior comfort and a very large self bailing cockpit. The cockpit has two bunks to accomodate guests in summer under the protection of a suitable canvas awning.

The interior of the cabin is simple and straight forward.
Two bunks, a folding table are placed around the tabernacle. A pannel can be taken out in the front bulkhead to inspect the chain locker and clean it. A third bunk is close to the cabin ladder and a folding chart table ca be lowered on it when required (1.00 x 0.60).
A vertical support in the shape of a turned wooden column will provide more comfort to the person preparing food in the galley. A refrigerator is provided by the side of the sink (1' x 1' x 1') under the working table.
The shower-WC compartment is next to the ladder.
TINA 30' will sail 3 persons in comfort but in the good season and for short cruisers, two more people may be accomodated on the large bunks, the seats, on either of the cockpit. This boat offers a very different outlook on small boat cruising and in fact has many of the advantages of larger boats.



The choice is for Mercedes engines (well known for durability, availability all around the world, and dependable spare parts service)



TINA 30' is an average size boat, confortable and yet very easy to maintain by one person. One or two week-ends per year should be enough to keep TINA 30' beautiful.




Tina TD
Tina TD (jpeg 39K)

Architect : Cesar Orsini

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