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The Wanda Concept

by Cesar ORSINI Naval Architect and
Stephan ZARZECKI Yachting Consultant

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This story starts with the visit of a client to the boat designer. The person is an industrialist, a navigator and well-versed in the maritime business. This is what he told me:

The boating world is a production and distribution game where boats are like common things to be sold in a supermarket. Boats look similar like popped out from a press or a mould to follow the laws of marketing more than fun of life at sea. To me, they seem the outcome of racing boats having met camping cars!

What remains for dreaming?

I believe it is possible to put on the market boats with beauty and distinction that make you dream at the same price of to days industrial production without compromise for economic reasons and this for the bare hull to the complete boat.

These are some basic ideas you should work with:

A classical construction of superior specifications and under the control of an official navigation register... MERCEDES BENZ auxiliary power reliable, smooth running "compact" world services and known. The motor should be easily accessible. There should be plenty of fuel and water aboard. Beds should be comfortable, not narrow bunks. The galley should be large, well furnished with a nice table to sit around. Central heating, 2 showers and WC. There should be a wheel house to protect the best nav-equipment, plus an exterior stearing wheel to have fun wih sails, wind and sea. The sail area should be divided so that one single person will handle it easily in emergency.

Taking in account these basic datas, we have come to the conclusion that the boat should be of medium size but an heavy displacement one, for comfortable sailing and ample loading capacity.

The sail plan should be ample enough to provide speed yet with sails of moderate area. The draught should be not over 5' to be able to enjoy nice little coves. The auxiliary engine should have power enough to make motoring in ports and rivers with flow and tide easily.

The boat should be beautiful!

By the time, we discussed all these aspects of the future vessel. We had become friends and I learned that my client's name was STEPHAN.

"STEPHAN, I will try to make a beautiful boat! so did "the WANDA challenge" begins though that name was not yet found! STEPHAN says: "The WANDA concept".

Having made all sort of boats that remind maritime traditions from different parts of the world and also non typical ones, I would be greatly embarassed to choose and say which are my favourites. In particular, I think of STEPHAN's wish: "The boat should be beautiful". I pleased him to my great satisfaction but the question remains: "What is a beautiful boat?"

I believe that beauty depends on two factors: a certain balance of shapes and plain, simple designing. The second factor is the emotion that a boat will waken up in the mind and spirits by the rediscovery of some type of forms. Sea lovers have an hidden record of ships; some were in their souls.

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